LYNDA RAHIM Presents Moonlight Mile Inspirasi Cinta !

LYNDARAHIM KUALA LUMPUR | presents Moonlight Mile, a destination themed wedding collection! I'm really enjoyed with this fashion show and so excited with this themed. Maybe i can grab it for my wedding ? Ouch! hehe Soon !
Actually, i am really addicted with white color , so yeah, this make me excited to focus on LyndaRahim Collection! Its so fantastic Wow! All the white dress is so perfect. 

Inspired by Bianca Jagger-a quirky and fun loving icon for fashion . The 70's on its own was a defining point in the development of fashion as we know it today, and her choice of wedding attire was set far apart from the stereotypical ball-gown dresses of this era. She chose a single buttoned blazer ( of course wearing absolutely nothing inside), paired with an ankle length skirt, peep-toed Mary-Jane heels and a wide brimmed sun hat detailed with rosettes and a face veil. Not to mention, a flower chain for a bouquet.
 Oh this so crazy! Wanna this beautiful dresss please! 

 Simple but nice right?
 Sexy and gorgeous!
 Look so elegant!
Very detailed and Love that flower! 

Steering clear of Lyndarahim KL's usual, this collection features a cohesive blend of silhouettes and attires-short dresses and long bridal dresses, pant suits and jumpsuits, off shoulder cuts, clean lines as well as low necklines and backs. The collection is aimed at destination themed wedding- Hence, there is no sight of the brand's usual modest and traditional cuts. Most of the detailing is different from LRKL's usual hand embellished laces as well. This time around, the collection incorporates large flowers, petals and wispy feathers, as well as Shimco's luxe beaded laces and Rhea Tan's shoes.

The materials used in this collection are extra special as they have been specifically sourced for internationally by the luxe fabric retailer, Shimco Brunei. The choice of fabric includes French Laces, Beaded Laces, Dutchess Silk, Organza Silk, Fine Tulle, French Crepe, Shantung Silk and etc. Shimco, a luxe fabric atelier, carries the most exquisite and luxurious fabrics from the finest of silks to the most intricate applique laces- adorned with Swarovski crystals and other embellishment. All these fabrics exude opulence and are handpicked by Shimco's buyers, who look for only the best quality to supply to their important clientele, including members of Brunei's royal household.

This ideology has been the inspiration for this collection and collaborations- in line with Lyndarahim KL'S continuous efforts to step out of the classic design identity the brand is always associated with-not because the Lyndarahim KL does not want to continue making its saccharin sweet, girly and super flowy dresses the brand is famed foe, but to show that one in a while, a little difference can be refreshing too.
All the Models with Datin Lynda Rahim (Black blazer)

Congratulation Datin Lynda Rahim, really enjoyed with your fashionshow. One day, i want grab one from Lynda Rahim collection! 
So guys, for more information please visit their social media okay : 


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