How to Activate Maybank2u & Cimb Click

November 01, 2017,0 Comments

Activate Maybank2u :

1- Go to Atm Machine.
2- Select Maybank2U/Phone Banking
3- Select Maybank2U Application
4- Enter 6 digits temporary pin no
5- Go to , click “LOGIN” and select “FIRST TIME LOGIN”
6- Read the Term & Conditions carefully and click “ Accept”
7- Enter your “Access Number” – ( 16 digits ATM card no) and “ Pin No” – ( Enter 6 digits temporary pin no) then click “Activate”
8- Select your preffered “Username” – (6 to 12 characters) and “Password” –( 8 to 12 characters)combination of numbers & alphabet then click “confirm”
Please use this “Username” and “ Password” for future access
**New : for mobile banking

p/s : Never login to via email link. This link might direct you to fake site. Always type manually our URL address  . DOES NOT communicate with customer through emails on matter relating to security or your accounts.

For enquiries, call Customer Care hotline
1-300-88-6688 or 603-78443696(overseas) any time,any day (that includes holidays)


How to register for CIMB Clicks?

Firstly, go to ATM Machine & press:
1) Others
3) TAC (Key-in your HP NO)

2)Clicks on “REGISTER NOW”
3)Key in your ATM CARD NO
4) Key in your ATM PIN NO
5)Key in the words that appear in the BOX
6) Clicks on “ I agree”
7)Clicks on “ SUBMIT”

Lastly on the top appeared your HP NO (e.g : 019-620xxxx, if okay then follow the step below :
1)Create ID ( alphanumeric min 6 & max, 32 characters)
2)create password & Re-enter password (alphanumeric 8 characters)
3)Mother Maiden Name & E-mail Address

That's all, Hopefully helpful you guys!

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